Find jobs

Find jobs: Craftsman hired quickly

You can find jobs  on the Bellcom Services platform. Tradespeople are advertised here or you can place a search ad at Bellcom yourself. Find your favorite painter, plasterer, carpenter, auto mechanic and more and choose quality and affordable prices. Or you offer your service there.

Find jobs: Write out and receive offers

You can either look for jobs yourself or offer your manual activities. Then write out an offer. Are you a painter? Then you will find orders. If you have a small business, finding customers is not easy. At Bellcom Services, searching for an order is simple and free, and you will find orders with no problems.

Find jobs: effectively and, above all, without great effort

Finding orders, you can do that effectively and without great effort at Bellcom. You can make a good name for yourself with Bellcom Services, especially when it does not work so well to win customers. The customer reviews will help you find more and more jobs. This is because it works in a similar way to “word of mouth” in the past: On Bellcom, users see that you already have many satisfied customers, and they make a choice when making an offer.

You will receive the order

The searcher will notice you if you have many positive customer ratings and you can then find jobs  without any major problems. The customer will then be happy to place the order with you, as he already knows that you are working well before you have even been with him. If this current customer is satisfied again, Bellcom will give the next positive customer review. So your market value increases more and more through the Bellcom Services platform.

Quick overview

If you post your ad on Bellcom for free, you can find jobs with a high probability. The search functions give the customer a quick overview. The use is optimal for you as a craftsman. Customers can quickly see which capacities, skills and which portfolio you can offer. In addition, the searcher has a transparent price comparison on the Bellcom Services platform. The competition never sleeps. However, there are no hidden costs and the pricing models at Bellcom are absolutely transparent.

Better than the real customer search

As a tradesman making the offer, you will find jobs quickly and reliably. You can also find jobs permanently if you collect positive customer ratings at Bellcom. Then word “gets around” online that you work well and cheaply. Rely on this successful model at Bellcom Services and be sure that you will find jobs. The supply, the demand, everything regulates the market and the tradesmen’s exchange is optimally designed and implemented for this. Select the Bellcom website for your next advertisement.